Imagination is more important than knowledge.

I use imagination to create infinite array of new possibilities.

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I always tended to communication business.

In the rapidly developing 90's era of "learning-by-doing"​ I started in the biggest Czech ad agency MARK/BBDO on its major financial and FMCG accounts. After moving to GREY PRAHA I took over the Mars Confectionary account and later founded full-service BTL operation working for Nokia, Skoda, Mars, Assi Domän and others. Later I started consulting Pernod Ricard, Levi Strauss, GE Money, Danone, Energizer, McCann Erickson and Saatchi & Saatchi. In 2002 Josef Havelka hired me as Executive Director for Leo Burnett's Friends of Sales. We managed to grow it from 5 to nearly 80 employees and provided more than 100% yearly growth in the new business record. We became No. 1 integrated BTL agency on the Czech market and the most profitable Leo Burnett unit. We managed the latter transition to Publicis owned network Arc Worldwide. In 2007 we opened first 360° integrated ad agency on the Czech market. Lemonade quickly became a highly visible proponent of new approaches in marketing and advertising communication. It quickly grew from 2 to nearly 40 employees and became popular sought-after agency. In 2013, after more than 20 years in Czech advertising business, I nodded to an incoming offer for a Head of Digital Marketing & Social Media in the biggest and most awarded Kuwait's advertising agency Impact & Echo BBDO, part of one of the best networks in the GCC region. In 2016, after my return back to Europe, I joined the Londond-based fin-tech-art startup ARTSTAQ that aims to disrupt, revolutionize and change the world's art market as we know it today.

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2016 - Present
London, United Kingdom
Vice President Global Marketing & Communications

2013 - 2016
Kuwait City, Kuwait
Head of Digital & Social Media

2007 - 2013
Prague, Czech Republic
Founder & COO

2002 - 2007
Prague, Czech Republic
Executive Director

1997 - 2002
Prague, Czech Republic
Founder & Owner

1995 - 1997
Prague, Czech Republic
Head of Below the Line

1994 - 1995
Prague, Czech Republic
Account Executive

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"Your Brand is what people say about you
when you're not in the room."

- Jeff Bezos

“It was by chance that I met Petr, and got the pleasure to work with him. As a person he is a very pleasant character to work with, and a real team player. His skills go beyond being a full on senior Digital specialist, to a complete strategist that knows how to deliver real campaign integration.”

Fouad Abou Mansour, COO Impact Porter Novelli MENA, MD Impact BBDO Abu Dhabi, U.A.E.

“I have worked closely with Petr for the past year and a half and it is safe to say that his exemplary professionalism makes dealing with him a pleasure. Petr is one of the pillars of the agency - he has been the driving force behind educating, informing and advising our customers about all digital trends and market capabilities - his extensive know-how has elevated the bar when it comes to setting comprehensive strategies. It is truly a pleasure working with him. ”

Dany Aouad, Managing Director at Impact & Echo BBDO

“Petr is a valued colleague and friend. Having worked with him closely at Impact BBDO, I would rank him very high among the advertising professionals I admire. His lateral thinking, digital knowledge, planning skills, passion to create compelling work and the energy to carry them through to outstanding presentations has repeatedly wowed me and the clients alike. It was an absolute privilege to work with Petr at BBDO.”

Lokesh Achaiah, Creative Director at IMPACT BBDO

“Petr is one of the most imaginative, passionate and hard working professionals I have had the opportunity to work with. His contribution towards building Ooredoo’s digital advertising and social channels has been priceless. Petr is an honest man with integrity who has never shied away from a challenge. He has spent several long nights striving to meet impossible deadlines and in spite of the pressure has come through with incredible advertising and innovative ideas. It was a pleasure working with him and I would like to thank him for all the wonderful lessons I learnt from an inspiring human being.”

Rizwana Khanji, Loyalty Marketing Specialist at IKEA Kuwait

“Petr is a team leader supervising members composed of digital art directors, social-media specialists, animators / developers, he is an open minded - out of the box personality, embraces innovation and inspiration towards him self and others, he works at best under pressure with a firm commitment to exceeding customer expectations. What motivates Petr the most is the desire to learn, adapt and implement the ever more grown marketing methods and engagement techniques which he then applies in the campaigns he is responsible of and is able to achieve goals set by the clients. Petr is a hardworking, top-performing candidate.”

Luciano Di Pietro, Head of Digital Marketing & Social Media at Kuwait Finance House Bank, Kuwait

“Petr possess the ability to manage multiple projects and ensure that all jobs are completed and delivered on the due dates. He is also able to establish a rapport with the clients and has acquired technical knowledge of the various processes in the digital sphere which is a great asset to have in that type of position. I have seen Petr to have drive, determination and be a “go-getter”. He is also able to always stay calm and focused during chaotic periods and large projects with tight deadlines. Working with Petr is very pleasant as he has good communication skills which enables him to pass on important information without the bossy effect. Throughout our working period Petr gave a few talks which I found to be very inspiring and motivating as he has very good presentation skills which in turn makes me comfortable and confident to hand him the creative work as I know he will be able to present it coherently and will be able to sell it.”

Patrick Semaan, Digital Associate Creative Director at Young & Rubicam Group, Beirut, Lebanon

“Petr is a dynamic and visionary entrepreneur. I value his perspective on creating engaging communication strategies. It's amazing how he and his team developed Lemonade to a strong player on the Czech communication market within such short period of time. His blogs prove an open and global mindset and a true interest into cultures and people.”

Britta Plattner, Global Director Nestlé Confectionery at JWT

“Petr is one the few truly impressive characters of the Czech communication industry. He displays an extraordinary level of creativity combined with a common sense approach to business issues. During the last years Petr became a highly visible proponent of new approaches in marketing and marketing communication with a particular focus on social media. His ability to pick up relevant information from all kind of sources and then to deliver it in many different ways to the Czech professional community helped him to quickly establish himself as an expert in this field. Moreover Petr is not only a visionary and an educator, he constantly strives to apply and to practice the innovative approach as well for his own business as for his business clients. Last but not least: Petr always impressed me with his energy, enthusiasm and his “can do” attitude. All this makes him a great leader and a valuable asset to any organization.”

Josef Havelka, COO Leo Burnett MENA, MD Leo Burnett Prague, Czech Republic

“Petr is always ahead. When the others are still learning, he settles new rules. When new rules are settled, he looks for the next ones. I would define him by the question: „What's next?“ And what's great: his never ending stream of fresh ideas is always business focused. That means he will bring you new ideas which WILL WORK. Fantastic approach in communication business.”

Martin Charvát, Creative Director at Konektor

“I have known Petr now for 20 years (or so) and witnessed his fascinating endeavors - often to unchartered territories. Petr has never been afraid to go against the grain which made him both loved and hated in the professional community. Petr has made it to the level most of us can only dream of reaching: he has become a brand. On top of that, Petr has been a good friend and generally a nice person in a business where being nice is often seen as a weakness. Bon voyage, Petr!”

Tomáš Hrivnák, Founder at Hrivnak

“Petr is always going beyond the status quo, he's creative and strategically oriented. He's breaking the standards to come up with something new, innovative, unusual and thus remarkable. Apart from that it's pleasure to work with him, he's creating productive and enjoyable environment inspiring the people around him.”

Rostislav Brzobohatý, Head of Marketing at Dr.Max BDC (CE)

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